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Signage Plus Solution

A Multi-Application Approach to Enterprise Signage

A content delivery system to distribute any media to any display for the efficient and economical distribution of enterprise signage.

Signage Plus Solution Overview

The Userful Advantage

Conventional signage solutions

  • Expensive total cost of ownership
  • Limited scalability and performance
  • Difficult to deploy and support remotely
  • Lack of management tools for IT

Userful’s signage plus solution

  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Efficient content delivery network
  • Content management access controls
  • End-to-end control

One Solution. Many Use Cases.



Corporate Signage

Dynamic content for corporate communications

Dynamic templates


Widgets from cloud editor



Data Dashboards

Secure distribution of data dashboards

Secure deep integrations

Secure streaming

Persistent sessions and
authentication workflow



Experiential Environments

Efficient distribution of high-quality media

Userful media content
delivery network

Video wall sync

Custom wall creator

Communicate Better

Show the right content at the right time, right place.

  • Integrate any data source and distribute to any display
  • Easy to edit templates for any department
  • Dynamic real-time information
  • Content scheduling and automated events

Modernized Data Visualization

Integrate and visualize data sources on any display.

  • PowerBI native integration
  • Multi-view of data sources
  • Create unique playlist

Easy Screencasting

Use screencasting for collaboration and signage with corporate message when displays are not in use.


Create Unique Experiences

Create video wall displays of any size and configuration


The Infinity Platform

Providing IT the all the admin tools required for the deployment and management of large enterprise deployments. 

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Centralized Scheduling and Playlists
  • Automatic Failover
  • Browser-based (HTML 5)
  • Enhanced Security and System Monitoring
  • Automation & Intelligent Workflows
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